MKN018-050Hosts Paul “The Rog” Rogne and Larry Paterson discuss the METAL news stories from April 2015.

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– Megadeth has finished writing 15 songs for their new CD with new members.

– Nick Menza offered unfair deal to rejoin Megadeth.

– Why Bill Ward is NOT part of Black Sabbath

– Phil Rudd pleaded guilty to “threaten to kill someone”.

– Five Finger Deathpunch has recorded all the music for their new CD.

– Dave Brockie’s dad sues GWAR.

– Iron Maiden re-masters music for iTunes.

– Sammy Hagar gives his opinion of Van Halen’s new live CD.

– Twisted Sister headlines show in honor of AJ Pero with Mike Portnoy as drummer.

– Mike Portnoy says he never asked for a 5-year break from Dream Theater.

– Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer Robert Lewis Burns Jr. passes away.

– DevilSkin band is a band you need to check out. CD went Platinum.

– Lemmy back in hospital.

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