Cover-24Originally aired 01/26/2008

On this episode of METALKAST I talk with Tomas Andersson of the band Freevil.

A little about the artist: FREEVIL

A true metal assault from Sweden with powerful guitars, thundering drums and monstrous vocals. A real festival of insanity and adrenaline, a total obliterating sequence of orgasmic metal power. Featuring members of Denata, Witchery, Seance.

Risen from the ashes of thrash metal act Denata, Tomas Andersson and Roger Blomberg teams up with Mique Flesh (ex. Witchery/Seance) and invokes new musical spirits summoned in hell’s fire. The idea and hunger for a new project soon formed into what now has been unleashed as Freevil. The idea was to create something diverging from their natural influences and create something new and unexpected. Just going with riffs that felt good – not caring to much where on the metal brutality Richter scale they fitted – as long as they ROCKED in the widest but still deepest sense of the word.

Genre: Metal/Punk: Scandinavian Metal

Release Date: 2007



Phone: 952-232-0639