This is the Video Companion to METALKAST episode #162 where The Rög talks with Johannes (Guitarist, Writer, Band Leader).

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Dear fans! We in Perfect Beings have finished recording our second album and now we would like you to join us, so we can get it manufactured, promoted, and distributed. We are essentially operating our own record label and with your pre-order we can make it happen. There are a lot of great exclusives in this campaign, from signed CDs to handwritten lyrics, to T-shirts and a chance to hang out with the band. And, if 150% of the goal is funded, we will be producing a vinyl version of this new album!

We’re doing this through PledgeMusic so you can get some exclusive access to things unavailable anywhere else. With your pledge, you will get the full album as a download before it is available anywhere else, and also some behind the scenes sneak peaks into what the album is shaping up to be.

Your support throughout the past year and a half has been amazing. Thank you for allowing the band to stay independent. Your loyalty is such great motivation for us to deliver another top shelf album. This is your chance to become part of Perfect Beings’ success story. Please share with your friends and we look forward to hearing from you!