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On episode #200 The Rög talks with Van Halen Rising author Greg Renoff.  This is one of the most detailed books in the early life of Van Halen; it goes into depth of their struggles and the process of their stardom.  Greg has tracked down many people who witnessed Van Halen’s climb from watching them at legendary backyard parties that would get busted by police officers and helicopters to their empty club days.

Greg’s book provides a great argument to why he and others credit Van Halen with saving Rock-N-Roll.

In this interview we touch upon some topics like how involved Gene Simmons of KISS was with an Halen and how his star power couldn’t get Van Halen signed.  We talk about Eddie’s overdose, how Van Halen met Ted Templeman and how his style of production maximized Van Halens sonic impact, why David Lee Roth considers himself a black man trapped in a white man’s body, what exactly Marshall Berle’s role was in getting Van Halen signed, how Van Halen used a Billy Cobham song as one of their inspirations for one of their biggest hits, and much more!

If you’re a fan of Van Halen, you have to listen to this episode!

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