On episode #202 The Rög and Mick Ster discuss KISS.  Mick and Rög are massive KISS fans and have been since young children.  In this multi-episode series they talk openly about what they love and hate about being a KISS fan.  They discuss when they met KISS on the same day before they knew each other and reminisce how they were snubbed. They discuss KISS sales facts, prove rumors wrong and more.  If you think you’re a KISS fan, this series is for you!!

Snakeskin not being a huge KISS fan sits this one out.

Topics in the episode #1:

Paul Stanley’s Book – plus sound bites

Proof that Paul Stanley did not call Eric Carr a shmuck in his book

When Mick and Rog met KISS

KISS Merchandise

KISS Merchandise with Eric Singer and Tommy Thare’s likeness


MUSIC on this episode:


Song 01: Shout It Out Loud

Artist: Stryper

Release: The Coverings


Label: Frontier

Release Date: 2/15/2011


Song 02: War Machine

Artist: Amon Amarth

Release: Surtur Rising


Label: Metalblade

Release Date: 3/29/2011


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