METALKAST Episode 11 Show Notes: HERE

Originally Aired : 09/10/07
This episode features the entertaining Travis Johnson of the band Flatline. Based out of California they lost Matt Snell to Five Finger Death Punch.

You can find Travis back playing bass for the band “IN THIS MOMENT”. His Facebook is here:

METALKAST fun fact: In 2008/2009 Travis almost became the co-host of METALKAST. It almost happened but due to his career going in the right direction, a commitment wasn’t possible.

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“We play straight forward, unrestrained and untainted metal.” Singer Travis Johnson commented. Flatline, hailing from Los Angeles, CA, are set to release their debut album for Stand and Deliver Records, Pave the Way this winter. “Pave the Way was an important album title for us. We chose it because we’re not going to compromise ourselves and our creativity to follow the pack. We’re going to stay true and try to follow our dreams with metal.” Johnson continued. Flatline’s sound is a classic thrash attack with modern metal sensibilities, and has often drawn comparisons to Pantera, Slayer and Lamb of God.

The album was Produced by Flatline’s guitarist Randy Weitzel, with mixing and mastering by Logan Mader of Machine Head and Soulfly who also recorded the drum tracks. Johnson commented about producing their own album, “Our guitar player Randy did all of the productions of the record, going back to the Pave the Way theme, we didn’t want to put our vision in someone else’s hands and have it changed by someone else’s taste or ideas.” The theory is working for them; the band has not only been featured in Decibel, Hails and Horns, AMP, Metal Edge, and more but also garnered the praise of their peers. Chris Howorth from In This Moment said “The new Flatline CD is a solid slab of pure American metal; it’s very refreshing in this age of trends and fads.” Jon Miller from DevilDriver said of the band “Flatline is untainted, undefiled and as tight as it gets. One of the best live bands I have seen in years.”

Since their inception the band has also been rocked by trips to the hospital, money problems, and lineup changes, but have stabilized and solidified. Alongside singer Travis Johnson is Randy Weitzel (guitarist), Tim Hassemer (drums), Hector Gonzalez (bass), and Joe “Paulo” Guerra (guitar).

In their four years as a band, Flatline has released four albums, traveled to New Zealand on their own dime to play at the 666 Metal Day Out fest, and toured relentlessly with the likes of Walls of Jericho, 36 Crazyfists, It Dies Today, Sea of Treachery, Becoming the Archetype, In This Moment, Five Finger Death Punch, Threat Signal, Straight Line Stitch and many more.