big cock special

This was one of our first tests on video episodes released that originally Aired: 09/02/2007. It’s a double feature of music videos REAL MAN and RIDE ON ME.


Big Cock is a hard rock band that released it’s debut album, “Year of the Cock,” in 2005. They released the follow-up, self-titled “Big C**k” CD in. The band plays a variation of 80’s rock and refers to their musicial style as “cock rock.”

Big Cock is the brain child of David Henzerling, who made a name for himself as David Michael Philips, guitarist in such bands as The Schoolboys, Keel, King Kobra, Lizzy Borden, Geronimo and Tunnel. Under the Big Cock moniker, Philips, vocalist Bryson Jones and ex-Surgical Steel bassist Mark Lehman played a couple live shows together for fun.

Philips decided to make Big Cock an actual project and recruited drummer John Covington, formerly of the Schoolboys and Greg Leon Invasion, as well as vocalist, Robert Mason, formerly of Lynch Mob and Cry Of Love. This line up would go into the studio and produce the debut album within a week. Bassist Colby joined after the album was almost finished.


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