Asomvel - Band 2015An excellent short interview with the whole band of Asomvel with Howling-Fury-Metalhead, you’ve heard the song and have seen the video.  Get the update here:


Ralph: Bass and Vocals

Lenny: Guitar

Larry: Drums

Here is a interview with “”ASOMVEL”” A great rock metal band.
Please check it out and enjoy.

  1. I see a new album will be out hopefully later this year, what can expect to hear on it and has it been moving along smoothly for recording?

Lenny: We’ve finished writing the album. Larry came up to my place last weekend and we wrote it in two afternoons. Then me and Ralph came up with the lyrics. We’re waiting for the label to get us into the studio, but we’re ready to go. There’s rock ‘n’ roll tracks, slow numbers, fast songs and the fastest songs you’ll ever hear.

Larry: You can expect to hear full throttle ASOMVEL. The band has that sound that is heavy metal and rock and roll all rolled into one big fat pounding noise and it’s been incredibly smooth getting tracks together. We all seem to talk the same language musically so it’s completely natural. I, for one, can’t wait to get it recorded and out there; an album is a snapshot the best you have to offer at that particular moment and I am 100% happy with what we’ve got going on. Can’t wait to begin the chain of album-tour-album-tour-album…..and get back out there on the road.

Ralph: You can expect to hear a red stripe can full of chic peas rattling to the rhythm of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

  1. Do you feel being a three piece it is easier to write music, But also when playing live do the fans feel there is a lack of sound not having a fourth musician playing on stage.

Lenny: Yeah, I always liked 3-piece bands, ‘cos they look better on stage, 3 is a good number. Ralph plays a lot of double-stops and chords on bass, so the bottom doesn’t fall out when I solo. I like to hear the bass, instead of another guitar and it sounds more powerful to me. As for writing; much easier with 3 people. No arguments, we just get on with it.

Larry: I don’t think so. One thing you can never accuse ASOMVEL of being is too quiet or too sparse. Personally I like three-piece bands because you have quite a lot of room to ‘move around’ as a drummer inside the songs. It tends to be much more direct and hammering with a trio – and I like that. It’s not necessarily easier or harder to write music – that all depends on just how well you click as people.

Ralph: People seem to wanna think if you’ve got a second guitar you’re gonna sound louder or heavier, it just waters everything down, less punchy… The only time there’s any lack of sound is when he starts a guitar solo and I go to the John.

  1. Tell us a little about both Bad Omen records and High Roller records how did you end up being on both?

Lenny: High Roller wanted to put out Kamikaze. Will Palmer had just started Bad Omen Records and asked me if we wanted a deal to do a record. So, we did Knuckle Duster.

  1. Can you tell us a little about the dvd you have out?

Lenny: Madder Than a Full Moon Dog shows all the bands from Full Moon Dog festival from a few years ago. We started it to remember Jay-Jay Winter who I started the band with. We thought it would get his name out there and be some promo for the bands too.

  1. Any major tours set up for outside the UK? I see you have March full with shows but that is only for the UK.

Lenny: You know as much as me at this stage. We are eager to go to Europe, The States and here in the UK and Ireland. Last year I felt we should’ve been out all over the place after everyone went mad for Knuckle Duster, but it didn’t come off. This year I think we’ll be doing a lot more.

  1. Looking back at shows you have done. How did the Molly Hatchet gig come about?

Lenny: Our manager spoke to Bobby and he put us on the gig.

  1. do you classify your style of music with any genre or is it as Motorhead would say Rock “n” Roll?

Ralph: I don’t care what you call it, as long as you enjoy it.

Lenny: We’ve always called it heavy metal even when it was not cool to call your band heavy metal. I got into Motorhead when I was a kid, but I was into The Beatles and Elvis too. So, it has got that rock ‘n’ roll element. If you try to play heavy metal without an understanding of rock ‘n’ roll, you get something quite different. I don’t try to write heavy metal, I pick up a guitar and play something groovy and it comes out as heavy metal…usually.

Larry: For me, heavy metal is rock and roll; though not necessarily the other way around. Jerry Lee Lewis is not heavy metal, but Motorhead are rock and roll. I don’t really like the zillions of sub-genres within metal. Everything from AC/DC to Sepultura I just call ‘metal’, and if it’s good, I like it! I think people are putting way too many divisions in music. For example, some people wouldn’t believe that Motorhead and Anthrax should tour together – I think it’s perfect. Anthrax toured with KISS, Pantera toured with Megadeth, AC/DC shared bills with Metallica….what’s not to like? People need to stop worrying about the tiny little genres and just enjoy what they enjoy. I actually don’t even know what some of the genres are…for example, what is ‘post metal’? Does it involve stamps or large poles stuck in the ground? No idea.

  1. Any parting words for the fans worldwide?

Lenny: Get the new record and play it to all your buddies. They will instantly admire your taste and buy you a drink!

Larry: Hope to see you soon. Check out the new album when it’s unleashed.

Ralph: Not really, just some parted cheeks. “Parp”
Deb Robinson

i wish to thank the whole band for answering my questions and hope for great success for them. Best wishes on everything.
please support them and other bands you enjoy


Interview done on February 4 2015