Episode 15 originally aired 10/16/2007 – CAGE / Bangladesh & Diesel Finger

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This episode was the one we received much feedback on.  Metalkast featured a number of their tracks for download for years.  Love this band!

A little about Cage and Sean Peck:

CAGE formed in 1992 after the demise of local San Diego heavy metal stalwarts CRUSHER and NOMAD.  From the ashes of those two bands would arise a metal machine that would evolve into one of Earth’s mightiest groups, whose exploits have become legend in the underground.  Sometimes known as THE AMERICAN POWER METAL KINGS, CAGE has earned that moniker over two decades by gaining a reputation as an unmatched live act and by releasing one classic album after the next.

Bangladesh dibanded in 2009 after forming in 2006.

Diesel Finger:

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