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 Originally aired 11/19/2007

A little about the artists:


 Progressive metal band from Winnipeg, Canada.

JAW formed in 2001 when vocalist Emmanuel Olarewaju and guitarist Jason Dokken met through serendipity at a music store in their hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. After months of searching for individuals who shared in their creative vision, Olarewaju and Dokken recruited bassist Pablo Riedel and drummer Kevin Kornelsen. On July 17th 2001, JAW began. Within a few months of forming, the quartet had written a solid set of songs. These songs only scratched the surface of JAW’s limitless potential.

JAW recorded their first EP in November 2002. With EP in hand JAW began tirelessly touring the frigid western Canadian plains through to the eastern coast, while periodically dipping into Minnesota and North Dakota. JAW’s live performance impressed to such an extent that within a year the group had sold enough albums to garner a strong following nationwide.

In the spring of 2004, JAW refocused their attention on writing new material. Meticulously they picked apart every note, every section, and every transition until they were satisfied with the end results. In June of 2005 JAW entered The Space Behind A Garage Studios in Winnipeg, Manitoba with producer/engineer Rob Shallcross (Strapping Young Lad, Gwar, Townsend Band, Darkest Hour, Threat Signal) to record their first full length, ‘Swings Humans’. ‘Swings Humans’ is brutality and peace conveyed through movements, from the grandeur of its mountaintops to the voids of its valleys. Soulful, poetic, graceful and mighty, JAW’s ‘Swings Humans’ reinvents what metal is and can be.

Emmanuel Olarewaiu – Vocals, Lyrics
Jason Dokken – Guitar
Pablo Riedel – Bass/Back-Up Screams
Kevin Kornelsen – Drums

Status as of 3/3/2015 – On Hiatus

Risen from the ashes of thrash metal act Denata, Tomas Andersson and Roger Blomberg teams up with Mique Flesh (ex. Witchery/Seance) and invokes new musical spirits summoned in hell’s fire. The idea and hunger for a new project soon formed into what now has been unleashed as Freevil. The idea was to create something diverging from their natural influences and create something new and unexpected. Just going with riffs that felt good – not caring to much where on the metal brutality Richter scale they fitted – as long as they ROCKED in the widest but still deepest sense of the word.

After some intense rehearsal sessions of blood, sweat and fears – ten songs were formed and recorded in the cultural asylum known as Studio HellSmell, where Mique entered the throne as studio engineer.
With a hellish troika of Tomas (guitar/addition vocals), Mique (drums and vocals) and Roger (bass armageddon) their first opus was eternalized/infernalized in 2006/2007. And a fourth character was also brought in to do some additional synths and FX; the spirit of composer Phanatos was also added to heat things up even more – in this tasteful witches brew of raw yet sophisticated timeless metal bearing the sign of Freevil.

After completion of the recording sessions, and detailed mixing early 2007, the material was mastered by Peter In de Betou (Dimmu Borgir, Marduk, Dark Funeral etc) and the material was brought up the last notch of hell’s circles, to be unleashed in this demented world known as Earth.

Here’s a little about Rue. Although only on the scene for 12 months, the band has played the Troubadour, The Keyclub, The Viper Room, The Gig, The Joint, The Cat Club and various other Hollywood clubs building a solid following at every show, and what do they all have in common? What do the Keyclub, The Troubadour, The Joint, The Gig and The Viper Room all have in common?



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