Originally aired 01/26/2008

A little about the artist:

7 Sins –

7 Sins is a heavy metal band from Malmö-Sweden.
Herrahk –


Following the Worldwide success of two album releases under the name Abortus and signed to cult Italian Label Code 666 (Ephel Duath, Rakoth, Konkhra etc) the band changed their monicker to HERRATIK, but very much maintained their strong grip on their powerful blend of Death and Thrash metal inserting a modern feel for harmonies and groove, with crunching riffs. Hailing from Australia the band have toured Europe as well as their native homeland and have built a massive reputation as one of the best the country has to offer.

The Spyderz – No longer a band
In March 2007, Evan Seinfeld debuted his new band, The Spyderz, as an opening act for a Buckcherry performance. The band was originally named White Line Fever, until it was discovered that a UK band already owned the name. The Spyderz also features guitarist John Monte, formerly of Ministry and M.O.D.. In October 2008, Seinfeld briefly joined Tattooed Millionaires as a bassist and co-vocalist.
Chosen – No accurate data can be found on them.


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