METALKAST Episode #196: Year in review – TONs of Music and Stories that got our attention

THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE OF THE YEAR! 2016 has been a brutal year in so many ways.  Rög, Snakeskin, Mick Ster, & Matt Love; all the hosts of METALKAST in 2016 get together and pick their favorite tunes of the year, stories of the year, and impersonations….. Tons or … Continue reading

METALKAST Episode #180: music from Operation: Mindcrime, Anvil, Deadlock, & Faithsedge

Once again Snake and Rog return to talk music and some news items for the week of 09/05/2016.  On this episode we have single plays from Anvil, Deadlock, Faithsedge, and Operation Mindcrime. Single Plays: Anvil – Anvil is Anvil Song: Up, Down, Sideways   Deadlock – Hybris – Release … Continue reading